Max Piccinini


Max Piccinini is a distinguished figure in personal development, entrepreneur training, and coaching education. He is a successful entrepreneur, mentor, best-selling author, and an internationally recognized coach who has guided over 150,000 entrepreneurs in more than 25 countries. Through social media, webinars, and in-person seminars such as his recent 2500-participant event at the "Palais des Congrès", Max shares his extensive knowledge and experiences, fostering personal and professional growth for many.

The mission

Max Piccinini boasts a substantial established community. However, the successful entrepreneur sought to enhance his social media strategy and content quality. The aim was two-fold: 1) to increase his reach, engagement, and ultimately conversions to his webinars and training, and 2) to carve out a presence on Instagram. Max had difficulty replicating his Facebook success on this millennial-favored platform.

What we accomplished

- Facebook & Instagram strategy

- Creation of templates for images, videos and stories

- Recommendations and filmed tutorials for video creation

- Creation of a Notion guide for the marketing team

- Training the marketing team during workshops

- Creation and presentation of a bonus course on Social Media for Max students


subscribers gained on Facebook in 6 months


% increase in engagement on Facebook and +35% on Instagram


new followers on Instagram

Maia is a true professional. She knows what she's talking about, she surrounds herself with the best. She comes up with truly effective and thoughtful solutions, and you can 100% count on her. I highly recommend Maia.

Max Piccinini

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