Homeland is a unique co-ownership management firm that has re-imagined its organization to offer top-quality service to its co-owners.

Each condo has a dedicated manager, supported by a team of expert technicians for technical difficulties like construction, accounting, law, etc. Homeland boosts expert performance with technological innovations like its custom extranet, providing real-time, transparent communication with co-owners.

The company also prioritizes reducing its carbon footprint through eco-friendly actions for both its condos and employees.

The mission

Homeland sought to improve branding to increase recognition with its target audience. This involved reevaluating and improving the foundation, understanding customer needs, and creating a strong brand platform and communication strategy. We worked with the brand for a year to deliver custom content, social media templates and provided internal training.

The outcome

╰ Brand platform

╰ Customer Journey Map

╰ Communication strategy

╰ Templates for social media

╰ Training of the marketing team

╰ Brand content


visitors in 1 year of support


unique visitors in 1 year of support


new followers acquired organically

Nous sommes ravis de l'excellent accompagnement de Maïa sur nos enjeux de stratégie marketing / branding. Elle nous a aidé à mettre en place une plateforme de marque et nos différents personas de façon très professionnelle, structurée et créative. Elle nous accompagne également avec brio dans notre stratégie de contenu et nos réseaux sociaux, nous a permis de structurer le calendrier et les reportings de notre équipe marketing et est toujours disponible et de bon conseil sur toutes nos réflexions de marketing transverses. Nous ne pouvons que recommander chaudement ses services et nous tenons à disposition si besoin de davantage de feedbacks !

Frédéric Remeur
Co-fondateur d'Homeland

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