Ensemble is a unique and personal project with a simple idea: creating exceptional, handcrafted scented candles in France to donate a portion of the sales to associations.

However, Ensemble goes beyond mere financial support. It presents the actors and beneficiaries in a fresh and aesthetic manner, breaking away from conventional norms.

Sustainability is one of our pillars as we use recycled materials for packaging and actively encourage customers to upcycle the candle jars.

The mission

Ensemble was a challenge in itself. The project involved creating a brand from scratch with limited resources. Our aim was to develop an exceptional product with an appealing and unique universe to organically build a community on social media, establish partnerships with media, brand partners, and concept stores. Our goal was to sell 1000 candles with zero acquisition budget.

What we accomplished

- Product development

- Brand platform and artistic direction

- Photoshoots with Lyloutte from Nuances Studio

- Photoshoots with Violaine from Parallele Zero

- Creation and management of a Shopify e-commerce store

- Creation and management of social media presence and newsletters

- PR (Psychologie Magazine, Petits Frenchies, Lancaster, Mint Magazine, Tapage, Usbek et Rica etc.)

- Partnerships with influencers (AliasLouiseLeblog, Sissi_Pohle, Ely Killeuse, etc.)

- Collaboration with concept stores and sister brands (The Cool Republic, Ay Cactus, Italian in Paris, etc.)


candles sold in three exceptional sales


followers on Instagram with 11% engagement rate


montly Pinterest impressions

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