As a wellness partner, Delicorner has been trusted by leading companies such as Salesforce, LVMH, SNCF and Bain & Company. It provides and installs gourmet wellness corners in workplaces, stocked with seasonal fruits, snacks, beverages, and other treats to empower employees to revitalize themselves during the workday.

Since Day 1, the company has embraced an eco-friendly philosophy, by measuring its carbon footprint, utilizing electric vans for deliveries, fostering partnerships with local producers, and responsibly managing waste.

The mission

Delicorner has grown steadily from the start, thanks to the exceptional quality of its service and its powerful marketing strategy. Once established, it set its sights on becoming a recognized brand, and on deepening its connections with its buyers (the HR/founders of client companies) and its beneficiaries (the employees) through both digital and physical touchpoints, notably its physical "corners".

The outcome

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Julie Pommelet
Co-fondatrice de Delicorner

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